Comment 9 for bug 1586141

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: stable/mitaka

commit a05673abb6a8834c20316b8736d9406262de1723
Author: Alex Schultz <email address hidden>
Date: Thu May 26 16:20:59 2016 -0600

    Do not install glare murano config under UCA

    UCA does not provide the murano glance artifacts plugin so we need to
    exclude it's configuration when deploying UCA.

    DocImpact: UCA with murano does not install and configure glare as it is
    not available with UCA packages. It will continue to use murano for the
    artifact repository when UCA is used.

    Change-Id: I356600cf410aaf0ce32f25ff18642e135b7380e9
    Closes-Bug: #1586141
    (cherry picked from commit 874b4350b4e3cb4a19aedb1d09f4fbcc1fec6f2d)