Comment 11 for bug 1567394

Ksenia Svechnikova (kdemina) wrote :

Verify on ISO 9.0 - 250

After uploading yaml with new restricted parameters we got an error 400:

[root@nailgun ~]# fuel settings --env 1 --upload --dir /root
400 Client Error: Bad Request for url: (Some restrictions didn't pass verification: ["Validation failed for attribute 'Ceph RBD for volumes (Cinder)': restriction with action='disable' and condition='settings:storage.volumes_lvm.value == true or settings:storage.volumes_block_device.value == true' failed due to attribute value='True'", "Validation failed for attribute 'Cinder LVM over iSCSI for volumes': restriction with action='disable' and condition='settings:storage.volumes_ceph.value == true' failed due to attribute value='True'"])
[root@nailgun ~]#