Comment 5 for bug 1498358

Submitter: Aleksandra Fedorova <email address hidden>
Branch: master

Commit: 129fff70a10c5a45c829e62db9764a267f4f53f0
Author: Sergey Kulanov <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Sep 22 13:29:04 2015

Revert "Use stable CentOS mirror"

This reverts commit 0be27746b6dbdd5bac12e90bea198b1fce89e467.

We need to revert previous commit, since the issue with the mirror
was fixed, by:

and corresponded job:

For now freezed mirror doesn't contain required packages, so we
need to use the latest one.

Change-Id: I902b4278a90ebddf2ad9140ac07762cdac485ade
Related-bug: #1498358