Comment 10 for bug 1385133

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 11e87de0c8dcb529480c1766b08df8f6e22497eb
Author: Przemyslaw Kaminski <email address hidden>
Date: Mon Nov 3 11:56:02 2014 +0100

    Make redirect type configurable and set to temp

    This change exposes a redirect type configuration variable so that a
    user can specify if they want to use 'temp' or 'permanent' redirects.

    This change allows a user to switch to use a 'temp' redirect type
    because Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome cache the responses of '301
    Moved Permanently'. Some users have multi tenant environments that have
    different URLs for Horizon dashboards (Ubuntu - /horizon, CentOS -
    dashboard). '302 Found' is not cacheable response which solves the issue
    for multitenant users.

    Upstream Change-Id: I81694d0ddeebafec7824f5b275d5fb504cd302b1

    Change-Id: Ib92685283e64100351af60f18eea393850665787
    Closes-Bug: #1385133
    Signed-off-by: Sergii Golovatiuk <email address hidden>
    Co-Authored-By: Alex Schultz <email address hidden>
    Signed-off-by: Sergii Golovatiuk <email address hidden>