Comment 15 for bug 1339080

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 33a9794bdf59aefb815137632b039c011095cfa3
Author: Vladimir Kuklin <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Jul 15 00:50:20 2014 +0400

    Refactoring of rabbitmq OCF script

    1) Store attributes in CIB instead of files
    2) Do not use ocf_run if command may fail
    3) Eliminate master_score race condition:
    set master_score to 1000 for the older nodes
    and do not forget to update their uptime value
    4) fix messed interleave/ordered settings
    5) set failure-timeout to 60 seconds to recover
    from RabbitMQ master node failure
    6) for slave nodes only run beam and
    start rabbitmq only if there is master promoted
    7) stop RMQ app on slaves in case of master demotion
    8) clean up other nodes master attribute in case
    of promotion
    9) fix exit codes for failed services start and cluster
    10) get running nodes into running_nodes variable
    11) apply timeout command to cluster_status function

    Closes-bug: #1339080
    Closes-bug: #1336777

    Change-Id: I271c6d7db4cf8fe4c9dfc7599954cb0ec8813293