Comment 30 for bug 1289200

Issue was reproduced on release iso {"build_id": "2014-05-23_03-53-39", "mirantis": "yes", "build_number": "19", "ostf_sha": "5c479f04c35127576d35526650ec83b104f9a33d", "nailgun_sha": "bd09f89ef56176f64ad5decd4128933c96cb20f4", "production": "docker", "api": "1.0", "fuelmain_sha": "db2d153e62cb2b3034d33359d7e3db9d4742c811", "astute_sha": "9a0d86918724c1153b5f70bdae008dea8572fd3e", "release": "5.0", "fuellib_sha": "2ed4fbe1e04b85e83f1010ca23be7f5da34bd492"}

1. Create next cluster - Ubuntu, HA, KVM, Flat nova network, 3 controllers, 1 compute, 1 cinder
2. Deploy cluster
3. Destroy primary controller
4. Wait some time and run OSTF tests

Actual result - all tests failed with 'Keystone client is not available'
Seems that some problems with rabbitmq
2014-05-23T12:25:21.054537 node-5 ./node-5.test.domain.local/nova-nova.openstack.common.periodic_task.log:2014-05-23T12:25:21.054537+00
:00 err: ERROR: Error during FlatDHCPManager._disassociate_stale_fixed_ips: Timed out waiting for a reply to message ID b4f36e134f9249d0a53e2441aec

Logs are attached