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Ri (ys99x) wrote :


Thanks for your help with this; whatever I did with the old stick gps-clients only worked with Natty gpsd 2.94-2 but not with anything with gpsd 3.15-2. I checked both gpsd compatibilities and the list was nearly identical. My original GPS stick spec;

- Chipset: MTK ultra high sensitivity
- Sensitivity: -148dBm
- Operating system: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
- GPS receiving channel: 66 parallel channel
- Hot startup time: < 1 second
- Warm startup time: < 33 seconds
- Cold startup time: < 36 seconds
- Location accuracy: 3~5m
- Antenna: Built-in

Control type: Plug in and play

- Interfaces: USB 2.0
- Operating voltage: 3.0V~3.6V
- Operational altitude: < 18000m
- Operational velocity: < 515 m/s
- Operational acceleration: Less than 4g
- Authentication: RoHS compliant (Lead-free)
- Supports AGPS / WAAS / EGNOS

I finally gave up and as a last resort purchased a new U-Blox GPS mouse - and of course it now works fine on later 'buntu's but not on old Natty - so I guess it was a gpsd compatibility problem.

Thanks for your help - I have learned a lot about the GPS-clients since investigating.