Comment 1 for bug 1099023

Alba Mendez (jmendeth) wrote :

Well, CSS is *so* powerful, and you can do *so* many things with it,
that it's very difficult to implement a GUI for editing it (in a high-level way).

Also, what the font changer would do is ambiguous.
Where to apply the font rule? At `body`? Maybe at `#page`?
At `root`? Should it have the `!important` rule?

Should it change ALL fonts in the page?
Or only fonts of the same group?

What if you want to change font sizes?
Should EVERYTHING change size (width, height, padding, border, ...)?
Should that affect other areas, like `<pre>`s?
Where to put it so that it has the correct priority?

Think about it: giving it too less priority results in no changes.
Giving it too much priority will result in unwanted results (i.e. everything
has the same font and size, even code areas).

IMHO, if the user wants to do those fancy things,
it's not worth learning a small bit of CSS and let it go.