Comment 4 for bug 1031059

So, the implementation in Midori (where CSS is applied to iframes) is wrong?

I will try the Javascript.

On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 10:19 AM, Jacob Winski
<email address hidden>wrote:

> This is by CSS-design. CSS in a document does not apply to an iframe
> inside that document. This is a CSS design decision.
> This does not mean that Fogger should not recursively go through all
> frames inside a webpage and apply CSS to each frame.
> Whatever Frogger decides to do, there is a way out right now:
> Javascript.
> Lets say you wanted the following CSS done to the frame "canvas_frame":
> .myclass { background-color: "#ffffff"; }
> Do the following in Javascript:
> var doc = document.getElementById('canvas_frame');
> var firstmyclass = doc.getElementsByClassName('myclass')[0]
> If there is more than one myclass, you will want to recurively go
> through doc.getElementsByClassName('myclass') and apply the
> backgroundColor.
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> Title:
> User styles are not applied to iframes
> Status in Fogger:
> Triaged
> Bug description:
> I'm using a user style for Google products (it basically makes the
> black top bar dissapear). It works e.g. in Google Search, Google
> Reader, Google+, Google Maps, but not in Gmail, because it uses an
> iframe to display the page.
> I've tested this same user style in Midori and it works fine.
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—Arturo Torres Sánchez