Comment 22 for bug 925776

Liam Whalen (whalen-ld) wrote :

I am testing these new changes on my dev server, and expect to have them in production soon. My old version of the code returns non-visible objects in OPAC searches scoped to the top level OU.

As for the library setting, I am thinking a string setting would work. In the string, libraries could define a comma separated list of OU levels to perform top down e-book retrieval. So, if your second and fifth level OUs needs to see all e-books available to OU underneath them, then you would assign 2, 5 to the setting.

This would have to be an non-inherited setting because it would be too expensive to search up the OU tree to find a setting if none were set for the search OU. In the case of a setting with no definition (or an invalid definition) the code would assume that no bottom down retrieval is necessary.

Regarding the pgTAP test, I would like to be involved in helping write it, but writing a comprehensive test for query_parser_fts is beyond my ability. I would appreciate any help that could be provided.

Finally, is there documentation that describes how the scripts in the sql/Pg/upgrade/ directory are organized? I am not sure why multiple scripts create the same function and if I need to replace all those functions with my changes or if I need to add a new script with my changes.