Comment 20 for bug 925776

Liam Whalen (whalen-ld) wrote :

The branch has been modified again, and we have been running the new version at Sitka since October 23rd, 2013. These modifications allow searches performed at the top level OU to return all ebooks and searches performed at second level OUs to return all ebooks underneath those OUs.

The second level functionality is probably going to be specific to how the OU tree is used. In the case of Sitka, second level OUs represent library Federations, so it is useful for librarians to see all ebooks underneath a Federation.

I am hesitant to put a pull request on this because this solution will not work for all libraries. I could add library setting that could be checked to include this functionality. If that makes sense, then I will do that. It would be a simple addition, but I want to make sure adding an LSE check within query_parser_fts is worthwhile. I have already added some conditionals to a fairly central query, so I would like to make sure that the effects are not too detrimental on result speeds.

I have pushed my changes to:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/user/ldw/lp925776_located_uris_removed_from_staff_client_based_on_856_9

This does not contain a file for OpenILS/src/sql/Pg/upgrade/. I looked in there and found a number of files that create query_parser_fts, so I need some guidance on how to apply this change to those files.

As well, I need to figure out if/how a pgTAP test should be made for this function.

Once a decision has been made about including a LSE within query_parser_fts, I have added the appropriate upgrade scripts, and a pgTAP test is created, then I will add a pull request to these changes.

For the time being, if any system needs help applying these changes to their EG instance please contact me.