Comment 11 for bug 925776


The misbehaving is in the staff client. OPAC appears to be functioning as
it should in regards to hiding located URIs appropriately. Would it help
for you to have staff client access to our production server?

The search example was in the 2.1 staff client, with the search narrowed
down to Lakeview Library (under Lake County Library District).


On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 11:58 AM, Ben Shum <email address hidden>wrote:

> Hi Beth,
> I'm curious from your specific example about the "Spanish Civil War".
> In your opac (presumably
> US/skin/default/xml/index.xml) , the only record I could see that was
> electronic from that search appeared to be an electronic record without
> a located URI 856 $9 entry. At least at consortium level search for me.
> Do you have a specific example you can link to describing the
> misbehavior of 856 $9 entries in your 2.1 system?
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> Title:
> located URIs appear in staff client OPAC searches regardless of $9's
> Status in Evergreen - Open ILS:
> New
> Bug description:
> EG 2.0.10
> Postgres 8.4
> Ubuntu Lucid
> The located URIs seem to appear (as greyed out records) regardless of
> scoping within the staff client OPAC (but not the public OPAC).
> I can't really think of a use case for this -- if I'm searching with
> my OPAC set to BR1 and "This Branch", I don't want to see 856s with a
> $9 BR2 under that circumstance -- I'd scope out if I wanted to see
> them.
> ~James
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