Comment 18 for bug 907056

Dan Scott (denials) wrote :

Kathy: Here's what I'm seeing (now that Thomas' patch for leaky org selector has been integrated to master):

1. Log in with "Stay logged in"
2. Change my search preference to BR3
3. Close the browser tab
4. Open a new browser tab at the default HTTP location (http://localhost/eg/opac/home) - the org selector is set to "Consortium"
5. Click "Your Account Login" and I'm redirected to a logged in session at https://localhost/eg/opac/myopac/main - the org selector changes to "BR3"
6. Change the search scope org selector to "Consortium" and launch a search
7. Click "Show more details" and the copies are displayed with BR3 first
8. Click on the title of a record to show record details; while the org selector shows "CONS", in the record details copies are displayed with BR3 first

Does that match what you're seeing? Using the "Stay logged in" function, after coming back to the TPAC I'm getting the org selector set to my preferred branch and search results at the consortial level are displaying my preferred branch's copies first, so that seems to be working...