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Tiffany Little (tslittle) wrote :

I was thinking about this this morning, and with the workflow I've suggested above, I see an issue.

The intention of the Retain Empty Bib Records setting is so that we have on-the-spot bib cleanup of empty bibs, without needing to always do manual cleanup. So if we blocked that auto-deletion because there's a pending lineitem attached to the bib, that means if the Acq user *didn't* activate that purchase order for whatever reason--or even if they later completely delete that lineitem--that the bib would remain just empty and undeleted. So we *would* need to be doing some sort of cleanup (whether manual or via script) to find these empty bibs.

What if instead, the Acq copies creation did a check if the bib is deleted, and if the bib is deleted, undeletes the bib and *then* creates the copies? That way we still get the benefit of the auto-deletion of bibs from the Retain Empty Bib Records setting, but we also don't have empty bibs hanging out in the catalog that may/may not be tied to lineitems at any given time.