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Jason Stephenson (jstephenson) wrote :

While looking into bug 1642038, I noticed the following behavior when you do something to the current patron, i.e. the patron whose record you used to access the Group Member Details interface:

If you move the patron you have open to another patron's group, the grid does not refresh properly. If the current patron is the only one in the list, then the screen refreshes with the "No Items to Display" message. If there are other members in the group, then they show in the list, and not the members of the group to which the current patron was moved.

If you act on all of the group members and move them to another patron's group, then the "No Items to Display" message appears in the grid list.

You can get the list to show up correctly by hitting the browser reload button or key sequence, so it would appear that a retrieval of the new group members is required here before the view refreshes itself.

If you act on other patrons in the group, or if you move a new patron into the group, the grid list appears to refresh correctly.