Comment 10 for bug 1777675

Elaine Hardy (ehardy) wrote :

I can see a use case for retaining and being able to see in the staff interface previous inventory dates. It is my understanding that K-12 libraries in Georgia are required to do yearly inventories. Having the inventory history of an item missing from the current inventory, and in an available status, would be useful for them.

However,if an item has an inventory date set for a previous inventory and is in status available and is NOT inventoried in a current inventory, the date from that previous inventory should be retained since it would not be scanned in the process. Staff could run reports to find those items with the inventory date set prior to the current inventory so that they could be further investigated.

While having a history of past inventories would be nice, I don't think that it is necessary. Staff can assume that if the item has the previous inventory date set that it was on the shelf for any prior ones. Running a report to catch items with the previous inventory date would be part of the cleanup for the inventory.

I do, however, understand Mike and Rogan's concerns about bloating the copy tables. I don't see where we would need to retain all inventory dates in any separate table. Just the last date inventoried can be retained.