Comment 19 for bug 1773417

Elaine Hardy (ehardy) wrote :

Did testing of Bug #1715697 - Web Client: Show empty volumes Holdings view today on the PINES test server.

From actions menu:

Under “Add”:
Volumes: Vol editor opens with selected branches
   Adds as expected (with template issue noted below)
Copies: Vol/copy editor opens with just work station library selected. Must add other branches one at a time.
Vols/Copies: Vol editor opens with selected branches
   Edit call number, add barcodes
   Apply copy template –fails (only some attributes apply. We are having issues with templates so most likely not related to this fix, just noting as part of testing process).
   Manually edit attributes.
   Save & exit – vols/copies save as expected

Add copies button
Adds vols/copies as expected. (with exception of template issue noted above)

The only place I see a bug is adding copies under the action menu. However, adding copies without adding vols first would not be my workflow. I think it is more likely to be an error -- accidentally choosing copies rather than volumes or vols/copies. I would prefer to see an error message directing me to create/add volumes first here .

Having this functionality back is an enormous help for PINES catalogers. Thank you all for working on this.