Comment 17 for bug 1773417

Dan Wells (dbw2) wrote :

Testing seems positive here, so a new commit has been pushed to the existing branch:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/user/dbwells/holdings-view-omnibus-signoff-rebase-patch


Jason, thank you for posting your fix a few hours ago. I actually went in a direction that you had suggested earlier in modifying check_saveable() instead. At first blush that feels a little cleaner to me, as it means copy editor doesn't know (and doesn't need to know) as much about the outer context, so better encapsulation. But maybe something will end up nudging things back in this other direction, so it is good to have on hand.

The change to check_saveable() also fits in better with the overall theme of this latest commit, which is to further isolate volume editing from copy editing where appropriate and necessary. To steal from the commit message:

The crux of this patch is to rethink how we handle the volume-only editing interface. Previously, we were attempting to distinguish between when the volume was the only thing *showing* and when it was actually the only thing *existing*.

We have now removed that distinction, so the volume-only interface only cares about the volume regardless of the possible presence of a copy. This simplifies the interface logic, and reduces or eliminates the chance of the hidden copy editor interfering with the volume adding/editing functions.

The pieces for moving in this direction were already in place with the previous commits, so this ends up being another rather small, iterative change.