Comment 15 for bug 1773417

Dan Wells (dbw2) wrote :

Gave this ten good pokes today, and the more I poke it, the more bugs scurry out of the cracks. Here are a few mid-point observations:

1) We could really use some unit tests for this :) Squashing one bug only to fear you've produced one (or ten) more can be a drag. I've yet to write any Angular unit tests, but maybe I'll try my hand at one here before it is through.
2) I think I've fixed the major bugs noted here, plus a few more, and haven't noticed any worse ones being produced. So, progress!
3) I don't think it is realistic to expect this to be bulletproof before getting it in. In particular, there are number of actions which are not entire sensible, but not disabled (e.g. trying to add just a 'copy' where no call number exists). These tend to do something reasonable, but sometimes slightly different than the "right" option (in this case, "Add Volumes and Copies"). I think those tweaks can be hammered out over time, as there are a number of ways to move on those.

I am going to spend some more time tomorrow with my own testing before subjecting anyone else, but I hope to produce a branch by midday.