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Tiffany Little (tslittle) wrote :

To add to this bug, although I'm not sure it's *exactly* the same since the bug is a few years old. In both cases, the NAD+BY::91 seems to be ignored, so adding it here.

We have two vendors that are sending us ORDSRP messages like:
NAD+BY::31B -- library's SAN
NAD+BY::91 -- Account number

Evergreen doesn't seem to be recognizing the NAD+BY::91 line is there--it completely ignores it and just attaches the message to one of the EDI accounts with the same FTP login info.

I don't understand Perl well enough to read this correctly, but looking at starting at line 518:

 process_message_buyer() is used in processing both INVOIC
# messages as well as ORDRSP ones. As such, the $eg_inv parameter is
# optional.
sub process_message_buyer {
    my ($class, $e, $msg_hash, $message, $log_prefix, $eg_inv) = @_;

    # some vendors encode the account number as the SAN.
    # starting with the san value, then the account value,
    # treat each as a san, then an acct number until the first success
    for my $buyer ( ($msg_hash->{buyer_san}, $msg_hash->{buyer_acct}) ) {
        next unless $buyer;

So does that mean it looks, finds the buyer_san first in the NAD+BY::31B, and then exits without ever seeing the buyer_acct?