Comment 17 for bug 1727557

Cesar V (cesardv) wrote :

Alright, so I've tested Bill's patch and works, there's a definite improvement. For a large block-list (I tested with the attached ~500K list, 6.7Mb) and it still took a minute... like Chris noted. I clocked like 45-50 seconds to ingest. No idea how common having a block list of half a million is though... but it's definitely better with the progress dialog "feedback"! ;)

I too noted the page/tab in Chrome became noticeably slow when IndexDB was loaded with the 500K records... like just going to the webstaff Home page could take like 5-8 seconds. I had to clear the BlockList table in IndexDB AND close the tab, and reopen a new one, for the webstaff to return to normal responsiveness.