Comment 2 for bug 1720878

Kathy Lussier (klussier) wrote :

OK, I've discovered what the problem is. I must have previously set defaults for the working copy tab on the systems where the copy tag button was disabled. At the time I set those defaults, there was not copy tag button for which to set a default. As a result, the copy tag button remain unselected in the working copy defaults interface.

I could close this bug, but I'm still concerned about this behavior. If there are systems that were piloting the 2.12 web client in production, they will encounter the same issue. Also, I think this will be a problem when we add the new copy alert feature for 3.1 (bug 1676608). When I previously tested this feature in my attempt to get it merged for 3.0, I encountered the same problem with a disabled copy alerts button. I'm guessing it was the cause of the problem was the same. We'll find that even more people are using the 3.0 web client in production, which means more people will see this problem with copy alerts when they upgrade to 3.1