Comment 10 for bug 1642344

Kathy Lussier (klussier) wrote :

While giving this branch one last round of testing before merging, I encountered an issue I hadn't seen in my previous testing. I tested cloning a xul-era money report that included a filter with an "In List" operator and the following for the filter value - [forgive_payment,credit_payment,goods_payment,work_payment]

If I create a report in the web client directly from this xul-era template, the report works fine. Those values are listed in the filter section, and there is no way to add to or edit them, which is expected behavior.

If I clone the template, this filter appear as if they carried over correctly to the webstaff template. However, if I then run a report off of the new template, the user is expected to enter the values in this filter.

I've attached a screenshot.

Everything else works great! Thanks Galen!