Comment 5 for bug 1618183

Dan Wells (dbw2) wrote :

The main reason I would want to backport would be the effort we just put into getting the Spanish translations into 2.10. Also, the potential for INSERT collision is real, but IMHO not a big concern. The final upgrade script for 2.11.0 will go from the latest 2.10.x, so if this is in 2.10.7, it won't be repeated in the 2.10.7->2.11.0 upgrade script anyway. As a general rule of thumb, I do see the issue, though (i.e. if 2.11.0 was already out, since we generally don't make new cross-version upgrades for point releases).

I am also in favor of Thomas's recipe as a belt+suspenders solution.

In the end, it is certainly Galen's call to make.