Comment 3 for bug 1618183

Ben Shum (bshum) wrote :

I'll defer to gmcharlt on backport opinions since he's the 2.10 maintainer, but personally I'd be a little wary of adding this patch to the 2.10 series without some explanation for users. The potential scenario I envision is one where someone upgrades to 2.10.x (with this INSERT to the table), and then also upgrades later to 2.11.0 with the same INSERT failing and rolling back their entire upgrade script to 2.11 due to a collision where the entry already exists.

We'd have to creatively work around the problem for both 2.11 and 2.10 if we wanted to include the fix in both series.

My opinion is to focus on the future only with the fix in master for 2.11 and leave 2.10 alone. If some expert system admins really want the Spanish translation in their catalog, they can add the entry (and deal with the full ramifications of that later on)