Comment 10 for bug 1479110

Dan Wells (dbw2) wrote :

Yes, the document interval direction was just misworded. It works as expected.

The main thing I can't get over in #3 is that a person can set "Prohibit negative balance on bills for overdue materials" to 'false' and still have them prohibited, even though it's the most specific setting. In other words, the goal was to allow 'unset' to mean 'revert to default' for the nested settings, which I think is typical.

There is no difference in the number of settings. A branch is duplicated in #1 just to make it linear.

I've gone ahead and added a #4, which is #1 reformatted without the duplication, but shown in two phases instead. Seems a little more clear, to me anyway :)

Also, here are some thoughts I had about possible rewording:

Enable negative balance prohibition on bills for overdue materials
(instead of 'Prohibit negative balance on bills for overdue materials')

Allow negative balances within interval for overdues
(instead of 'Negative Balance Interval for Overdues')

The 'enable' makes the wording of the first a little softer, and better highlights the behavior instead of the action. That said, I'm not sure it helps much, and it seems a little more clumsy. On the other hand, I think the reword of the second helps quite a lot to express the gist of how it works right now.