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On Thu, Jul 9, 2015 at 8:32 AM, Don Butterworth <
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> Thanks Mike for this helpful information.
> Because I do a lot of original cataloging, almost exclusively, my use of a
> call number search is to determine when a call number has already been
> assigned to another title. A browse list result lets me do this at a
> glance. It isn't necessary to get to the item specific level and/or the
> call number suffix level (v.1, no.1, pt.1). Subfields "a" and "b" of the
> MARC call number fields are sufficient.
> As a borrower I use call number searching simply to browse my library's
> holdings in a specific subject area in the same way I browse the physical
> stacks. Again, it wouldn't be necessary to get to the item specific level.
> So I'm good with having a call number browse index based on the MARC call
> number fields.

It might be a good local customization if your MARC records reliably
contain call number fields, but as Mike warned, in general in Evergreen
we've found that MARC call number fields aren't reliable and changed the
defaults to not include the existing call number index. So I'm pretty sure
we won't be including a MARC call number browse as a general feature.

> It's a little disappointing to find that the barcode number is the only
> control number that cannot be included in the general keyword index. Again,
> as a cataloger, I use the barcode search a lot, and it takes a lot of
> clicks to get there. From the home page:
> Click - Advanced Search
> Click - Numeric Search
> Click - Field drop-down menu
> Click - Item barcode
> Click - Inside the Identifier box
> Beep - light-gun barcode entry
> Five clicks and beep instead of one Beep in the general keyword.
> There's got to be an easier way. Maybe a function key with a popup
> window.
> So, like, how come the circulation module gets all the good function keys?
> ;-)

Since you're talking about cataloguing and the circulation module, "F5" in
the staff client gets you directly to a "Display item" dialogue box. Scan
the barcode, then you can right click and "Show in Catalogue" to see the
complete bibliographic details. Helpful?