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Hi Kathy,

First, I am ecstatic to hear that this recommendation is being addressed.

In answer to your question, my opinion ... the new call number index should
become *the* default call number index and be a line item in the Browse
drop-down menu, not in the Numeric Search drop-down. Even though it is
called a call "number" it is not really a control number. It is an A to Z

The current index I would leave optional, as is now the case.

In my own Evergreen installation, I am on a crusade (a tiny crusade) to
eliminate the Numeric Search tab altogether. It makes no sense to me why
some of the control numbers are included in the General Keyword index but
not all of them (e.g. barcode and TCN/OCLC) unless, of course, there is
some technical systemic reason that I haven't heard about.

Many thanks!


On Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 10:54 AM, Kathy Lussier <email address hidden>

> We have somebody who has been working on a customization for a call
> number browse list view. When it's done, I'll look at what needs to be
> done to get it into master.
> I have one question. Should it be a config.tt2 option where an Evergreen
> site can choose to display either the list view or the current shelf
> browse? Or should it be listed as a separate search option in the
> numeric search?
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> report.
> Title:
> Create a “list view” for Call Number (Shelf Browse) results lists
> Status in Evergreen - Open ILS:
> New
> Bug description:
> The issue:
> When a Call Number (Shelf Browse) transaction is performed, the current
> results list grid display, is difficult for some to interpret.
> Recommendation:
> Create a list display results screen, which is similar in appearance to
> other Evergreen search results screens, for the Call Number (Shelf Browse)
> search. Each title retrieved should display at least the following data
> elements. Call Number, Title, Author, and Publication Date.
> Particulars:
> Mike Rylander indicates that this feature probably would not be that
> hard to implement “since it’s been done before in the old SlimPAC and the
> underlying code we need already exists”
> There appears to be a strong consensus that a list display is
> preferable to the current results screen.
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