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Bill Erickson (berick) wrote :

For something completely different...

I've pushed a branch to support displaying noncat circulations in the patron items out display:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/collab/berick/lp1402797-browser-client-noncat-display

A couple of things to note...

1. They are displayed in a dedicated tab instead of inline with the other open circs, like the XUL client does. I did this because mixing objects of different types with different sources in a paged grid will get really funky. If they must be displayed together, we'll have to come up with some agreement on how to mix them into the paged circulation data.

2. To support paging and faster loading for noncat display, I added PCRUD access for noncat circs. The one complication of fetching them from pcrud instead of the old API is that we have to calculate the virtual due date on the client side now. For this, I added a new date.js module ( with an intervalToSeconds() function. (We need one of these for other stuff, anyway). It's cobbled together from other implementations, so eyes on that appreciated. It includes unit tests in test/unit/egDate.js.

3. With separated display, there's no way yet to print a combined list of open and noncat circs. There are various ways we could support this (e.g. a checkbox for "include noncats when printing"). Suggestions welcome.