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Bill Erickson (berick) wrote :

I believe we can do this without modifying the database. The purpose of the config.usr_activity_type "ewho" field ("Event Caller" in the admin UI) is to allow for just this kind of thing. I think it might work like this:

1. Add a new optional attribute to the <login...> element in the SIP configuration XML file to allow for specifying the "ewho" value. The value could be something like "overdrive", "computer-session", etc. It's configurable. I'm pretty sure SIPServer would pass this value through to the ILS plugin without caring or looking at it (needs confirmation).

2. Pass the "ewho" value into the login call made by the SIP Evergreen plugin.

3. The "etype" chosen for creating the usr_activity during login will be whichever matches the configured "ewho" value, making it easy to differentiate.