Comment 7 for bug 1350042

Thomas Berezansky (tsbere) wrote :

I was told to object in public on IRC over merging this into master if I have objections. I figure that this is actually the better place to object.

On a general note, at this point I cannot merge this on my dev machine, no matter what I do about setting up websockets, and not have major issues with bookbags in particular in the staff client. Regardless of whether or not people want it merged for 2.7 beta 2, "breaks existing functionality" seems like a really good reason to not merge.

And that is without objections over needing a third/fourth apache port to be opened in firewalls (and some of those may be outgoing blocks from overly paranoid groups, not incoming, and thus are harder to get holes in) to get the apparently broken parts of the regular client working after the fact without sufficient documentation to say that it is, in fact, needed. At the very least the core Evergreen README file should get a mention of that, in addition to the general need for the websocket components of OpenSRF to be installed, if not more detailed instructions.