Comment 3 for bug 1334693

Bill Erickson (berick) wrote :

Reopening this one... Ben reports that staff client building fails with this patch installed. Reviewing the code I see my main assumption, that osrf_config is not needed by the staff client, is wrong. It uses osrf_config to find the path the OpenSRF javascript libraries, since it copies some of files (JSON_v1.js, etc.) into the staff client for packaging. Not sure how I missed that.

When run manually, this resolves the issue:

make STAFF_CLIENT_STAMP_ID=test123 OPENSRF_JSLIBS=/openils/lib/javascript build

To use something like this, we would need a new command line option to make_release which allows the caller to pass in the OPENSRF_JSLIBS value manually. I would be in favor of this over reverting the original patch. I believe it can be done to allow for a sane default value so that users are not required to provide an OPNSRF_JSLIB value under normal circumstances (i.e. osrf_config is accessible). Note that the browser client needs access to the OpenSRF JS libs as well for testing and packaging, so this is not something that will go away with the browser client. If there are no objections, I'll create a patch for make_release.