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Andrea Neiman (aneiman) wrote :

I checked on this using Kathy's steps outlined in comment #4 above.

Tested in web client running 3.0.0. I tested separately in Chrome & Firefox with the same results.

After I clicked "Upload", the lower part of the Load MARC Order Records interface updated to read as follows:

Lineitems Processed 10
Vandelay Records Processed 10
Bib Records Merged/Imported 0
ACQ Copies Processed 0
Debits Encumbered 0
Real Copies Processed 0
Upload Complete!

When I clicked the View Import Queue link, a new window opened at the URL and I got the error "event:5000:perm_failure -> Permission Denied CREATE_BIB_IMPORT_QUEUE@4".

When I clicked through the error, the window just hung with the dojo progress bar running.

When I clicked on the View Purchase Order link, a new window opened at the URL and I was able to view my imported titles in the PO. I was also able to retrieve the PO via Acq Search.

I did not any of my imported titles in a catalog search, though; and I don't have the ability to check the database to look at the Complete field.

I did not see the queues I created when I looked in MARC Batch Import/Export -> Inspect Queue -> Acquisitions.

So I'm marking this as confirmed.