Comment 8 for bug 1312699

I got the same 500 internal server error, I tracked it down to some html accidentally being included in a tt2 code block in

Specifically this bit

                 [% FOR circ IN ctx.circs;
                     attrs = {marc_xml => circ.marc_xml};
+ <td align="center" style="text-align:center;">
+ <input type="checkbox" name="circ_id" value="[% %]" />
+ </td>
                     PROCESS get_marc_attrs args=attrs; %]

If you move those 3 lines out of the tt2 code block the page gets parsed successfully.

This patch still needs html formatting work though, the layout doesn't quite make sense yet. I think there should be a new column for the checkbox, which I think was intended, but the html for the table isn't in the correct place.

I'll take a stab at cleaning it up.

The functionality works fine, I'm able to delete (hide) individual items. I think it would be good to have an extra confirmation dialog since there is no user accessible way to undo the hide, especially if someone uses the select all.