Comment 5 for bug 1174860

Mike Rylander (mrylander) wrote :


I tested on 2.4RC, and the master/2.4 issue you see is indeed order-based, and placing the facets and filters before the paren-grouped nested bools makes things happy.

I've seen this before with other search syntax components -- the #available modifier, for instance -- and Dan Wells noted a similar effect above (though on 2.3). For master, it looks like we need to have the tpac query constructor anything complex at the end. This may very well be caused by implicit or explicit nesting of boolean expressions (the tests we've all tried suggest that), but a short-term fix would be to adjust the tpac helper code until we can get to the root of the QP issue.

For 2.3, the same could be helpful, and I suspect that in 2.2 and before the tpac was just building the query in a different way that got around this problem. I don't have evidence to support that ATM, though.