Comment 4 for bug 1064679

Dan Wells (dbw2) wrote :

Galen, thanks for the kick. I do have a branch for this, though it is not without issues. Known to-dos are:

1. Proper handling of hourly (i.e. not day-granular) grace periods which overlap into closed periods when those closed periods are configured to not count against grace.
2. Proper handling of hourly (i.e. not day-granular) fine intervals/grace periods whenever those periods are (potentially) long enough to cover two (or more) distinct open periods.
3. General optimization. Short fine periods can be extremely repetitive when doing the "are we open" check, so there's a lot or room for improvement when generating multiple fines for a single circulation. (If you are already generating fines at a rate matching your library's shortest fine interval, though, this optimization is moot.)

#1 exists in our environment, while #2 is purely an edge case I encountered in testing, as it is simplest to trigger with a fine interval which is longer than a day but also not day-granular (an uncommon requirement, I imagine). I'd like to get #1 sorted before putting out a pullrequest.

I'm not attending the Hack-a-way, but I do have some of that time set aside for hacking, so I'll try to get a working branch posted then.