Comment 1 for bug 1036318

We have had reports of this from our staff, complete with screen shots. However, I have been unable to reproduce the reported behavior.

Basically, what we've had reported is that staff are sometimes prompted with a tpac login screen when trying to place a hold in the staff client.

Yesterday, I tried reproducing this in production and in development and was unsuccessful. I would leave my staff client sessions logged in and retry the tpac functions at increasing intervals of 10, 15, 20, and 30 minutes. Not once was I prompted to login. On development, I even left the client with the tpac screen up and did nothing else.

There have been some issues with different time outs in the past when staff use operator change in the client. Are your staff using this, by chance? (I thought that this operator change timeout might have been fixed, but I am not 100% sure.)