Comment 19 for bug 527648

Thierry Carrez (ttx) wrote :

The main issue is that eucalyptus/cloud-address was just meant to hold the value of the user answer to the "No CLC detected, enter IP address" question from the installer (in order to get an IP address to get the CC/SC/Walrus preseed from). In order to use it for this use case, you'll need to preseed in the target (magic that involves some logfile, see how Colin seeded the postfix debconf value).

There is also a trick in the value cloud-address can get: when set by the user it's an IP address, when "discovered" by euca_find_component its "IPaddress:port". It's all normalized before being used in the postinst by "${cloud%:*}": you should probably do the same before writing VNET_CLOUDIP.