Comment 6 for bug 823640

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

thank you for your work there, some comments:

- how likely is it that upstream will take that work? I guess that since they didn't approve grip as an optional depends and will not do so until it's done in a way the gtk team is happy with? If the patch will not go upstream soon please prefix the ubuntu specific functions to have an ubuntu_ prefix, it will make easier to figure in gdb trace if the issue is in ubuntu code for example and avoid some confusion
- could you get the pinch to work without changing the default scroll wheel behaviour? it's quite handy for mouse use to be able to zoom and unzoom easily
- if you want to change a default gsettings key don't patch the schemas this way, the way to do that is to add an eog.gsettings-override in the debian directory, see man dh_installgsettings

out of those the patch seems fine but breaking mouse usuability is sort of a blocker