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Oh, sorry Mikolaj, I didn't do the --visualize as you asked before.  I pulled down what I think is the development version but I'm getting the same version number which is different that what you have here.  Here's the command I'm using to pull down the code:

hg -v clone

and the version number that comes back:

./enblend --version
enblend 4.1-e378b04ea3b7

It looks like I'm not getting the development version, what's the proper command to download it?


> From: Mikolaj Leszczynski <email address hidden>
>To: <email address hidden>
>Sent: Friday, May 4, 2012 6:33 AM
>Subject: [Bug 989908] Re: black lines from graph-cut seam generator
>Hi Kevin,
>The latest revision should be 0c303c9ed15b, it's important - seam
>visualization output was changed between the two revisions.
>Your stitch will most probably come out wrong again, but what I want to
>see is the seam visualization output (add the --visualize option to
>enblend arguments). If you could also narrow it down to the problematic
>group of images/seams it would be perfect.
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>  black lines from graph-cut seam generator
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>Bug description:
>  Using enblend 4.1-e378b04ea3b7 I'm seeing black seam lines when the
>  graph-cut seam generator is used.  When I switch to use the nearest-
>  feature-transform seam generator they go away.  It's a large stitch
>  involving 13 images.  You can see the difference between the outputs
>  here:
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