Comment 11 for bug 509180

Erik Carstensen (sandberg) wrote :

I got the error again today, this time I know the error appeared within a couple of hours; during this time I could only see the following message in the logs (it appears in both syslog and kern.log, and in no other log):

Feb 17 13:36:37 ockeghem kernel: [549471.301068] ecryptfs_read_lower: octets_read = [-4]; expected [4096]
Feb 17 13:36:37 ockeghem kernel: [549471.301098] ecryptfs_read_and_validate_header_region: Error reading header region; rc = [-22]

Another possible clue: The only command I did around 13.36 was a 'git status', and when repeating the same 'git status' under strace, the only relevant system call related to the affected file is an lstat:
lstat("src/devices/PI7C9X1XX/pi7c9x110.dml", {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=12288, ...}) = 0