Comment 10 for bug 509180

Erik Carstensen (sandberg) wrote :

OK, I found a few ecryptfs errors in the logs. I'm attaching the output of 'grep ryptfs syslog'.

During the logged period, the computer was never rebooted, but it was suspended a couple of times.

It seems that the errors started at feb 3, and that a pair of messages (valid ecryptfs headers not found etc) appears about every 5 mins except when the computer was suspended. It might be of interest that the computer was turned on between
Feb 4 09:50 and Feb 4 16:12:20, with no messages displayed.

There is a bunch of different messages from ecryptfs_read_lower/ecryptfs_readpage/ecryptfs_decrypt_page on Feb 4. If I recall correctly, I didn't notice the broken git files until Feb 5, though.