Comment 9 for bug 432785

Leo (leorolla) wrote :

Just a comment:

Breaking unattend boot really is bad. I may eventually want to hibernate (actually I don't... ubuntu boots much faster than wakes up from hybernation), but still that will be really ackward if even after a non-hibernating poweroff my friends can't just grab my laptop and turn it on, or if my remote server can't restart after an energy cut.

I would like to say that this whole encryption setting is really badly documented on Ubuntu official pages. I digged a bit before finding tiny comments for instance about what sudo ecryptfs-setup-swap really does (indeed it does what I thought, generates a random key at boog, I'm not sure I found it on the documentations but I think it also changes the /etc/fstab properly, right?), hibernate being automatically disabled for encrypted swaps, etc. One of the reasons for using FOSS is that even being newbie, ignorant, or naïve, I keep control of what is going on behind the scenes. Confusing documentation generates FUD.

You may post links proving that I am wrong, but please try to reproduce the whole way through the documentation linking labyrinths: it is not that accessible. I found much better information on Dustin's blogs and interviews than on official documentation. I think this should all be explained in short, clear, transparent pages in ubuntu's official documentation. I won't volunteer for that myself, because I don't understand it deeply enough.