Comment 13 for bug 432785

Leo (leorolla) wrote :

> I don't think it's a good policy to place unattended boot above all things.

To clarify, I'm not saying unattended boot should be above all things.

I'm saying that any change to be implemented should not affect the average user priving that user from this possibility.

Preventing unattended boot is already possible with Ubuntu. You don't want unattended boot, fine. There are many solutions for you. The simplest one is to encrypt the whole disk, and you can also set up a password at the BIOS menu.

The point is not to enfoce that on every user.

For me (and I guess for many people) it's important to be able to let my friends use my computer wihtout me having to jump over them saying "wait wait, I need to type the password", or even in my abscence. I'm fine having only my home and swap encrypted.

Approach #2 is nice because it does not break every single boot, just hibernate-resume ones. For securty I would add the restriction that only certain users are able to resume (with the admin choices of setting up a warning message to the non-resuming users before they hibernate, or deactivating hibernation for them, or nothing).