Comment 12 for bug 1670336

Alberto Pianon (alberto-o) wrote :


I have just found time to do another test: Ubiquity does need to be patched too.

Steps to reproduce the problem:
- boot an ubuntu gnome 17.04 beta 1 live cd
- before launching ubiquity, manually modify /usr/bin/ecryptfs-setup-swap like in the pacth I posted here
- launch ubiquity and select the encrytpted home folder option
- after installation, at boot the system hangs a couple of minutes because it cannot manage to activate swap
- log in, open a terminal and type "cat /etc/crypttab", you get:
cryptswap1 /target/swapfile /dev/urandom swap,offset=1024,cipher=aes-xts-plain64

I guess that Ubiquity does not run ecryptfs-setup-swap as chroot as it should.
When dealing with swap partitions/UUIDs probably this is not a problem, but when using swap files it is.