Comment 4 for bug 387102

Peter Schuller (scode) wrote :

Thank you for your help. Unfortunately I was not being as clear as I should have; I have, as far as I can tell, made correct changes with respect to the invocation of _(). However what I was not of is what, if anything, I have to do in relation to fallout from this change. Will everything just magically work during building for various languages, or does one need to e.g. remove un-used translations, etc. I have managed to avoid having to do any build-time gettext stuff, and IIRC one of the dependencies for gettext (I think there was some extension to the python gettext package that was used?) was not easily available in FreeBSD.

In any case, it the details of that don't matter. If someone feels that the changes are enough and stand alone, for the purpose fo gettext, then the branch currently constitutes my suggested fix. If something is missing with respect to .po file generation or similar though, that's something I haven't looked at.