Comment 2 for bug 951788

On Tue, 27 Mar 2012 08:34:45 -0000, Henrik Ingo <email address hidden> wrote:
> Note: It is worth emphasizing that testing whether "SET NAMES UTF8"
> works is an ok solution for drizzledump, however, if the intent is to
> replace this function with another implementation, then such a check of
> course isn't good because it alters state in the case of a MySQL server.
> If we want to implement a generic check, it needs to be readonly. One
> idea that comes to mind is "SELECT * FROM mysql.user LIMIT 1". A
> drizzled server shouldn't have a mysql schema or a mysql.user table, but
> of course it could have if someone created one just to make trouble. So
> this isn't foolproof either. Just illustrates that the whole idea of
> providing this kind of function is a bit shaky...

Surely we have some server variable that has the word Drizzle in
it.... I hope...

Stewart Smith