Comment 31 for bug 484610

adamgmetzler (adamgmetzler) wrote :

Have you tried to match the WM_CLASS and WM_NAME xprops for java apps? For, example, 'xprop -frame | grep WM_CLASS' on a java app will always be 'WM_CLASS(STRING) = "sun-awt-X11-XFramePeer", "java-lang-Thread"' The first prop being the native window class and the second (different for each java app i.e. unreliable) being the name of the main java thread given during the application's development. The out put for 'xprop -frame | grep WM_NAME' will have the frame title like 'WM_NAME(STRING) = "NetBeans IDE 6.8"' This could be a fix if you combine the two properties together, the first property from WM_CLASS to know it is a java app and the second WM_NAME being the window title. While this is a fix for java apps that do not change the title or apps that append information to the application name in the title, it will not solve the situation if the application name is not in the title.