Relevance Engine doesn't learn user's actions for items

Bug #389577 reported by Parthiban Balasubramanian on 2009-06-19
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Nominated for 0.8 by Screatch

Bug Description

Do is not learning the default action associated with an item (which used to be the case AFAIK). Eg.: I pull up a folder, tab and select 'Open in Terminal', and even after doing this about a 100 times, the default action is to 'Open'.

Do does learn what items I select frequently, but not the actions performed on them

This seems to be a regression since it used to work fine pre-0.8.

Ubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty"

Marked '"Copy to Clipboard" action has too high of a priority'
as a duplicate of this one, since 382530 seems like a particular use case for this bug which is more generic.

And this being a REGRESSION, needs a more urgent fix!

Brian Guertin (beg1689) wrote :

I should mention that after deleting gnome do files in ~/.local/share/gnome-do, the correct actions are now default (now it will "Play" my music by default not try to copy it to clipboard...). So it seems it's just an issue for leftover files from an upgrade, as I've been using do since 0.6.0. Though I never used the copy to clipboard action except by accident. Unfortunately it just has to relearn my favorite things. Oh well, still worth it.

Well, there's no problem with the Default Actions. The bug is about Do not learning what the new default action should be based on the user's actions. If I select an mp3 file and choose "Reveal" almost all the time, shouldn't that be the new default action for that file?

Can someone verify this? I've seen this buggy behaviour throughout the 0.8 series.

Robert Dyer (psybers) on 2009-06-23
Changed in do:
importance: Undecided → Low
Jack Senechal (jacksenechal) wrote :

This is happening for me as well on

This is a REGRESSION!!!!

Why is it marked "Low" in importance?

Can nobody else verify this issue? This bug's annoying me greatly!

Brian Guertin (beg1689) wrote :

I think it's marked "Low" because it can be easily solved by erasing old configuration files.

Robert Dyer (psybers) wrote :

Yes, I marked it low due to the easy fix of removing the old files. We will probably make a fix to automatically upgrade/fix the files in a future revision but for now you at least have a workable solution.

nvasilakis (nick10gr) wrote :

There should be an option to remove "copy to clipboard" from the optional actions. It has too bit priority and Do seems not to "learn" which is my default option, no matter how many times i use the desired action [skype chat, control Rhythmbox etc]. Note that the desired action always comes second in priority -- not 3rd or 4th.

Aviv Ben-Yosef (aviv-by) wrote :

I've just upgraded to Karmic, and even after deleting the said folder, "copy to clipboard" is the default for every banshee operation (next, picking an album, pause).
This is a REGRESSION and the easy fix doesn't work.

Aviv Ben-Yosef (aviv-by) wrote :

Continuing my previous comment, after deleting the said files, the default operation is still "copy to clipboard",
but doing the 'hack' that's mentioned in the wiki to raise priority (selecting the operation and pressing ENTER a lot while holding down shift) has worked to fix this.

radostyle (mr--jon) wrote :

For me gnome-do seems to forget the action I've been using for an item. It works for a little bit and then it forgets and starts showing me Open for a while. In the default HistogramRelevanceProvider I don't see it associating items with actions. Actions and items have independent relevance. I have attached a simple patch that does the association, I'm looking for comments on the patch. It will use slightly more memory to make the association but not much.

radostyle (mr--jon) wrote :

I've been using my patch for a while now, and it is working really well for me.

crazy ivan (x-floc) wrote :

"I should mention that after deleting gnome do files in ~/.local/share/gnome-do, the correct actions are now default (now it will "Play" my music by default not try to copy it to clipboard...). " Thanks for the fix.. Same for me Gnome-Do 8.3.1. still not able to clean up the mess in /.local/share/gnome-do

BenR (benregier) wrote :

I have a spreadsheet (.ods) file and the default gnome-do action is always "run", not "open". Even after deleting the .local/share/gnome-do files, this association persists. Does it work this way for everyone, or am I doing something wrong?

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