Comment 4 for bug 152635

Andy Altepeter (aaltepet) wrote :

I actually emailed thisfred about this last night...I suppose I should've included it in this issue. Here's what I said...basically what I don't know is how to get the Zope3 view to use SilvaLayout templates...

I'm thinking a Zope 3 view could be created on ISilvaObject which basically
replaces "subscriptor". Well, both could exist, as some Silva sites may not
be using SilvaLayout yet (we don't). If you're using SilvaLayout, you link
to the public subscriptor by adding '@@subscriptor' to the url, otherwise you
link to 'public/subscriptor'. These links have to be manually added by those
sites implementing the subscriptions service anyways, so this shouldn't be a

The only problem I can't overcome yet, is how to define a new view in a Layout
that uses the layout. I don't know how to describe this, so let me try and
explain further:

This code for this new subscriptor view (I'm thinking the page template here)
should only be the stuff within the "content" section of the layout template.
In layout_macro terms, it should fill the "main" slot. I don't know if it is
possible to fill the "main" slot of a SilvaLayout template from an additional
view? If you could help by explaining a bit how this works, or by pointing
to an example, I'd really appreciate it.